What?: The Tiger Livy Project is A place for everyone to celebrate and share strength and inspiration.

Why?:Community is a powerful source of insight and peace. When share inspiration, we support those in need and the artists who created it.

Who?: Anyone who has suffered and found healing from the arts.


1. Post a picture of any art (book/poem/etc.) on your social media page (get parent permission first!). 

2. Explain in 1-2 sentences why it helped you find strength and healing. Don’t be afraid to mention the artist, too!

3. Hashtag #tigerlivyproject 

*If your #tigerlivyproject post gets 40 likes or more, DM us a screen shot and we will send a copy of “Tiger Livy ” and a Tshirt to YOU and a book to the Children’s hospital of your choice, dedicated in your honor. 

**Proceeds from the purchase of “Tiger Livy” go to the Cure JM Foundation. Learn more at curejm.org!

We all want and often expect health, but anyone who has been seriously ill or helped a loved one with a disease knows how sickness can take over a person’s entire life. Just thinking like a tiger can’t solve all our problems, but the mental and emotional side of healing is important to learn about. Recovering from an illness also takes compassion, education, patience, and support from our loved ones. Reading helps us see the world differently and is a brilliant way to heal, grow and learn, too. Even if you’ve never endured a serious illness, having empathy is crucial to helping those who are suffering. We hope that Tiger Livy promotes these ideals and we encourage our readers to be kind and to find ways to make their communities a little brighter, just like Livy and her family do. Consider joining the Tiger Livy Project, where you share your inspiration with other readers who work together to heal. Go to the @TigerLivyProject on Instagram or Facebook (with parent permission) or check out our webpage at tigerlivyproject.com

What’s the book about? When Livy unexpectedly gets very sick and everything changes, she needs to find a way to survive. “Tiger Livy” is the story of how one young girl is able to transform her mindset and her circumstances and begins to thrive.

P.S.- It’s been a slow road to recovery, but with the help of many, Livy is in first grade and doing great!

For more information about JM or to connect with other JM families, go to CureJM.org.